Clean hands

An Illinois legislator wants to require teachers to make students wash their hands before breakfast and lunch.

Fed up with what she sees as a health hazard for thousands of children, (Rep. Mary) Flowers has introduced legislation that would require Chicago schools to make students wash their hands with antiseptic soap before eating.

In other news, a California legislator has dropped her attempts to ban spanking, though her bill now bans use of a paddle, belt, switch or other implement to punish children.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    And, of course, brush and floss after?

  2. Sheesh, what else do people want schools to do? Why not just require parents to sign over parental rights to teachers and leave it at that?

  3. wayne martin says:

    A local supermarket has only recently put a stand outside the store near the queued shopping carts which contains antiseptic wipes for disinfecting the handles of the carts. Saw an article recently that claimed that computer keyboards were far more “germy” than exposed surfaces in public bathrooms. The article caused me to start “Windexing” my Laptop more frequently than I’ve done in the past.

    Disinfectant Wipes Safe for Computer Keyboards:

    There ought to be a law that before a legislator can introduce a law that restricts our liberties a reasonable set of studies be conducted which demonstrate that a problem exists, and the proposed solution will actually solve the problem at hand.

    Everybody knows that schools and kindergartens are germ breeding grounds. Yet, people send their sick kids to school anyway. While it’s always beneficial to wash one’s hands frequently, if the desks and keyboards are not being cleaned too, then the germs are still in the classroom.

    How big is this problem? How many kids are getting sick in schools? Does Chicago show a spike in the incidence of communicable diseases? How available are disposable antiseptic wipes in schools? Since the taxpayers are feeding millions of “at-risk” kids at school, should it extend its reach in the home and provide free disinfectant hand wipes for these kids at home?

    While there may be a problem here, as usual the Main Stream Media (MSM) hasn’t done much of a job digging into this story.

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Well, something’s gotta give. With iPods no one needs to read anymore.

  5. Wouldn’t it be simpler to require that they handle unsanitary matters only with the left hand and eat only with the right hand?

  6. Sally Lieber’s bill on spanking in California (SB 755) does still effectively criminalize spanking of children of any age with any object whatsoever. She has by no means dropped the bill by any stretch of imagination.

  7. In Niel Boortz’s new book (“Somebody’s Gotta Say It”) he says that “schools are not public schools, they’re government schools”). (He makes a good living exaggerating and extrapolating.) It’s not an “either/or”, but it is true that the schools are arms of government. In Texas, for example, the governor wanted to have a law passed – without debate, of course – that would require mandatory (redundance for emphasis) vaccinations of 11-year-old girls against an STD.

    Sally Lieber’s newly-revised bill would make it a crime to hit your young child with your fist, to burn him, or to throw him – among other things. I had no idea these things were not already unlawful.

    I agree with wayne martin that this is a problem that needs addressing. But where do we draw the line between educating the public and micro-managing them with hordes of new laws? Almost every restroom in a restaurant or bookstore near where I live has a sign reading “employees must wash hands”. (I’m tempted to add a note “The rest of you slobs can skip it”.) Sould we have yet another law for this? Another gross example of micro-managing (other than Lieber’s bill) is the movement in California to require people to buy energy-saving light bulbs. Why do they think we’re so stupid as to not realize that the new bulbs save a lot of money – and time we would have spent replacing the old ones? It’s the tendency I really believe lies at the heart of the Progressives that says that the average man is way too dumb to figure out what he should do, and sorely needs us Enlightened Ones to determine his course.

  8. Indigo Warrior says:

    It’s the tendency I really believe lies at the heart of the Progressives that says that the average man is way too dumb to figure out what he should do, and sorely needs us Enlightened Ones to determine his course.

    Or the national toilet and airbag laws under the Clinton administration?

    And are the Enlightened Ones really all that smart? They have no problem showing their disdain (and envy) for truly smart people who can make a living manipulaing the physical world rather than the private lives of others.