The future lies ahead

Education Gadfly writes New Year’s predictions, including:

U.S. Congress: Struggling to re-authorize NCLB, deadlocks over whether to re-name law the “It Takes a Village Act” or the “Audacity of Hope Act.”

U.S. Department of Education: Bent on eliminating all ineffectual federal education programs, finds itself left with nothing but Reading First and its two employees.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Despairing of the intractable task of reforming U.S. high schools, determines to reform driver education (with emphasis on small cars).

Gadfly also came up with resolutions for education influentials, including:

Bill Gates: “I resolve to fund a new curriculum operating system that will gradually assert its dominance by pushing other instructional methods out of the market and mercilessly quashing competing lesson plans.”

. . . Chester E. Finn, Jr.: “I resolve to move higher on this damned list.”

On a more serious note, the Fordham Foundation asked a dozen education insiders to predict the future of No Child Left Behind. Eleven of 12 predicted the law would not be reauthorized until 2009 — after the 2008 presidential elections. Most predicted no major changes in the law.

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