Teachers on teacher movies

Hube at Colossus of Rhodey writes about the best teacher movies. His favorite is Teachers, starring Nick Nolte, which dates from 1984.

He’s not keen on the hero teacher saving the poor minorities theme of Freedom Writers.

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  1. Come on, “The Substitute,” starring Tom Berenger as a former mercenary taking a substitute history teacher’s job in a Central Glade Miami High School, physically intimidating students, throwing three of them out of four-story windows, and eventually cracking a massive drug smuggling ring at the cost of the deaths of two of his comrades-in-arms, has got to be the greatest teacher movie. Ever. Period.

  2. I was just thinking aobut the verb thing that Hube posted recently on his website. What is up with these Hollywood flicks re: the Great White Savior who battles the dangerous urban ghettos to save the poor little Black chillens?

    Please. Stop the madness, Hollywood.