State of the schools

Here’s a preview of the president’s education agenda.

Alliance for School Choice likes the school choice emphasis, writes Ryan Boots on Edspresso. The president will propose: competitive grants to help school districts or nonprofits create private school choice programs. In addition:

As we have been urging, he will propose private school options for kids in schools that have been failing for five or more years. In an interesting twist, such “restructuring” schools also would be freed from the obligations of their union contracts, much like private firms that are in bankruptcy.

For the 20 percent of Title I funds that are supposed to be used for supplemental services, a “use it or lose it” requirement to encourage the provision of services will be suggested.

Don’t count on Bush’s ability to push any education proposals that lack Democratic support. NCLB still has powerful Democratic patrons; school choice does not.

The AFT’s NCLBlog questions the claim that NCLB deserves credit for rising test scores.

Update: The president wasn’t forceful or specific enough, writes Eduwonk.

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  1. Hunter McDaniel says:

    The real ‘school choice’ question is whether the Democratic Congress will try to shut down the existing choice program in the DC schools, and how hard Bush will fight them if they try.

  2. I’m torn between the prospect of mobs of poor, black parents vehemently protesting a Democratic congress’s attack on their charters schools, viewable courtesy of YouTube, and the district collapsing as kids continue to be pulled out.

    It’s like trying to decide between lobster and filet mignon.

    Who knows? Maybe both will happen.