Quidditch takes off

Inspired by the Harry Potter books, Middlebury College students have formed a quidditch team.

A group of students gather in an open field, at either end of which stand three hula-hoops painted gold and attached to 2x4s.

. . . Students run with brooms between their legs instead of flying on them, and Middlebury sophomore Rainey Johnson serves as a human replacement for the snitch, which, in the book, is a tiny gold ball with wings.

Dressed in yellow, the human quidditch runs with a lumpy yellow sock hanging from his shorts.

Bucknell and Vassar are expecting to compete with Middlebury this spring in the first intercollegiate quidditch tournament.

Via Critical Mass.

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  1. Quidditch has got to be the dumbest “sport” ever.

  2. Oh, come on… what about “cheerleading?” (dives for cover :-P)