Moose and lion

A Penn State student hit by a falling moose head during a biology exam has sued the university for negligence.

She says she has suffered from headaches ever since, and is suing for “loss of enjoyment of life” and “embarrassment and humiliation.”

Falling moose heads. It happens.

In happier news, a 65-year-old California woman saved her husband’s life by fighting off a mountain lion that had grabbed his head in its jaws. She beat the lion with a fallen branch, stabbed it in the eye with a pen from her husband’s pocket and then, when the pen broke, whacked it so hard with the branch that it gave up and went away. Good thing they didn’t run into a stuffed moose.

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  1. Kirk Parker says:

    Good thing they didn’t run into a stuffed moose

    Yep. Bad thing, on the other hand, that California State law prohibits anyone in a state part from carrying the best tool for these kinds of encounters.

  2. Even more dangerous than big dumb moose and squirrel.

  3. mountain lions….they tracked down and killed two mountain lions, one male and one female. The resulting study showed no rabies and the female had human blood on her claws. I think California is number one in attacks on humans by mountain lions…..another apex preditor going extinct because of changing environment….