Klocek speaks at DePaul

After 14 years teaching writing and critical thinking at DePaul University, Thomas Klocek lost his non-tenured job in 2004 for debating the claims of a flyer being handed out by members of pro-Palestinian student groups at a campus activities fair. They said he shouted and threw papers; he denies that and says he was told later he’d hurt the students feelings but never given a list of charges. Wednesday he spoke on the erosion of free speech on politically correct campuses.

Klocek says DePaul asked him to give up his teaching assignment with pay for the following semester and said he couldn’t return until he apologized to the students and agreed to have his classes monitored.

He refused and later filed a defamation suit against DePaul officials.

DePaul’s tolerance of dissent does seem limited, according to AP’s story.

Senior Cyndi Torres, 21, said she was glad Klocek no longer teaches at DePaul.

“I think it was fair that he was reprimanded,” Torres said. “Anybody who has the audacity to talk to students, to step over boundaries with students like that … I think it was fair.”

I wonder who’s teaching critical thinking now.

Marathon Pundit links to a TV report on the speech that’s all Klocek. The university wouldn’t comment, citing his lawsuit; no Palestinian or Muslim supporter was interviewed either. The reporter felt it important to tell viewers that Klocek isn’t Jewish. He’s Catholic.

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  1. wayne martin says:

    This case seems to have been going on for a couple of years now. There are useful details about what went on in an article on this WEB-site:


    FIRE (Foundation For Individual Rights in Education) has been involved with De Paul in this case (and others):


    The background material on how University/College Administrators deal with these sorts of issues is frightening, such as suspending a staff member without a required fact-finding hearing. Hopefully someone will write up the details of this case when it’s over.