Hell is other people’s children

From Richard Miniter at Pajamas Media: The Kids Are NOT Alright:. I think he just got off a long plane flight.

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  1. charles R. Williams says:

    There are plenty of parents who are unable to manage their children’s behavior in public – presumably because their children are out of control at home. Hard to say if that’s the problem in this case without knowing the specifics.

  2. wayne martin says:

    Seems that an East Coast Airline took the bull by the horns and ejected a three year old and her parents from a flight because the child was unruly:


    Astounding what makes the news these days ..

  3. Indigo Warrior says:

    Babies and children do cry, often very loudly, and for no apparent reason. This 3-year old never did run all over the plane, shout obscenities, take other kids’ toys, and deface the cushions with a felt pen. The East Coast Airlines incident is a case of just another dummy, when in uniform, who thought he was Herman Goering. And the airline execs wonder why so many people prefer to travel by bus or train!

  4. LibraryGryffon says:

    When I was growing up that temper tantrum would have garnered me a spanking, in public, and I would have then been forcibly strapped into that seat. The other parents would have understood and supported mine. I understand the airlines’ position, that if the child isn’t strapped in, and for whatever reason, the parents can’t or won’t do it, they can only wait so long. If one plane is late, it snowballs.

    But I can also feel for the parents. If they don’t forcibly put the little dear in the seat and get her to quiet down, they are judged to be poor excuses for parents, letting the child run roughshod over them. But if they do force her into the seat, they are opening themselves up to child abuse charges. There are a lot of families who couldn’t afford to miss a double shift’s income by getting back late from vacation (or a trip to a family funeral, or whatever).