Future shock

Married to a middle-school teacher, Leaning Towards the Dark Side has come up with an alternative for unmotivated students who waste the time of teachers and classmates. They’d get to start early on career training.

This special classroom would be equipped with a cash register, a cooking surface, a deep fryer, a soda fountain, and a system that offers orders for the students to fill correctly. The kids would be graded on their ability to operate the equipment, and tests would include simulated customer orders. Additional equipment would include mops and brooms, which they would use to clean up the room at the end of the class. Extra credit could be offered for asking “would you like fries with that, ma’am?” or “Biggie size, sir?”

If you want kids to be scared smart (or smarter) make them train to be telemarketers.

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  1. This gives some perspective about the student who says, “I don’t know why I have to learn this. I’m never going to use it.”

    How true.

  2. Actually, the correct phrase is “Would you like to make that a combo?”

    Some years back my wee wifey had a factory job where the summer fill-in crew was made up of college-age offspring of line workers. Many of them returned to school in the fall much more motivated about their studies than they had been the previous semester.