Aspiring to be Ugly Betty

TV’s “Ugly Betty” — ambitious, normally proportioned and poorly dressed — is a role model for young women, reports the LA Daily News.

She wears her heart on her paisley-patterned, polyester sleeve, her dreams sparkling like the blue steel braces on her teeth.

She may not be the starlet on the arm of the latest Hollywood hunk, but for a growing number of adolescent and teenage girls, there’s something about Betty.

. . . “(Betty) shows that all girls should have insight, and should have confidence and that everyone is pretty in their own way,” 16-year-old Annesa Garcia said.

“Betty” actress America Ferrera, who was valedictorian of her 2002 high school graduating class, won the Golden Globe award last week for best actress in a comedy. In her acceptance speech, she said, “It’s such an honor to play a role that I hear from young girls on a daily basis how it makes them feel worthy and lovable and that they have more to offer the world than they thought.”

Via School Me.

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  1. Indigo Warrior says:

    This is excellent news. Women need a crypto-libertarian role model such as “Ugly” Betty – not afraid to be herself, and not loathing her own body in the name of tribal conformity.

    If only there was a male version … maybe there is. Dilbert, perhaps?

  2. I must admit that I was not happy when I first heard the title of this show. No surprise. I do like the show and its message. Betty is a lovable character who is not afraid to be herself. The title still bothers me. Kids love to make fun of names. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in school today and be named Betty. If the main character had a more popular name, the title of this show could be causing a lot of needless teasing.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    BettyB – does the B stand for Boop?
    This reminds of a letter received by Governor Reagen when the new Dumbarton bridge was about to be dedicated – “Dear Governor, please change the name of the bridge. Signed, Sue Barton.”

  4. I’m just glad the B doesn’t stand for Barton. Yes, I am often called Betty Boop. Thanks for the funny story!