When in doubt, blow it up

In Iron Science Teacher competitions, blowing things up is always a hit, reports Teacher Magazine. For nine years, the Exploratorium in San Francisco has produced the live competition modeled after Iron Chef. Science teachers attending the Exploratorium’s summer training program compete to produce the best 10-minute classroom science activity.

The show, which is Webcast live four to six times each summer, has very few rules. Contestants’ experiments must include the “secret ingredient” revealed to the audience at the beginning of the show and be safe and replicable in the classroom. But beyond that, almost anything goes.

Secret ingredients have included such items as eggs, corks, fruitcake and crayons.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    My son loved the Exploratorium much more than any Disneyland type place. That and Lawrence Hall of Science were his favorite destinations.