We all have our priorities

A Bakersfield, California man set himself on fire “to protest a San Joaquin Valley school district’s decision to change the names of winter and spring breaks to Christmas and Easter vacation,” reports AP. A deputy and parole agent immediately sprayed him with a fire extinguisher.

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  1. Darwin in action…..

  2. Alex Bensky says:

    I suppose speaking at a board meeting or writing a letter to the editor never occurred to him. As Bill says, this guy would improve the gene pool by staying out of it.

  3. Bakersfield?

    I’m betting most in that city would have prefferred the man be allowed to burn. It’s not a city known for having any cultural similarity to Frisco other than being in the same state and same country.


  4. mike from oregon says:

    Go for it!!! I object to the deputy and parole agent interfered with his freedom of expression, in fact to help facilitate him dumping another gallon of gas on him might have helped him make his point – hmm, does the fact that a parole agent is there tell us something?