Suspended in place

Suspension is too much like a mini-vacation, Miami educators decided. Now many students serve on-campus suspension. They attend a special class for students in trouble until they’re cleared to return to regular classes.

Under the initiative, students found guilty of infractions like fighting and cheating must attend a conference with their parents and a school administrator. The students are given several options of punishment that include tutoring programs and supervised workshops, like (teacher Harold) Barnwell’s class.

”Getting parents involved has drastically reduced the numbers of suspensions,” (Region Superintendent Marcos) Moran said.

Getting parents involved, making kids work during suspensions . . . It’s a brave new world.

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  1. Miller Smith says:

    In School Suspension. Nothing new. That was in style back in 1988 when I started teaching. Problem is the school system hires a warm body to sit with the goofs all day and nothing gets done. They play.

    Suspension is not about the kid being suspended. Suspension is about protecting all the other students from a bad apple.