So much for Santa

Santa Claus is a fake, a lesson at an English school told children of nine and 10 years old. A holiday worksheet told students that “many small children believe in Father Christmas.”

It then went on to explain that thousands of letters sent by these children to Santa every year are actually answered by the Post Office.
The youngsters were then asked to write a pretend letter from the Post Office to a child explaining why their requests for presents had been refused.

Not only are kids who may still believe or sort of believe told to stop acting like babies, they’re told to practice dashing the dreams of others.

One commenter wrote:

I think next they should start going to funeral homes and telling the loved ones of the recently deceased that there is no Heaven or afterlife and that their loved one will just rot in the ground and they’ll never see them again. This would be especially good to do to any small children who lose a parent.

Via The Ed Wonks.

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  1. No, Santa? Next thing they’ll be telling me that Elvis is dead.

  2. Please don’t tell me the guy in the club isn’t really Elvis! The trauma will be too much for my delicate impressionable mind.

  3. mike from oregon says:

    And this surprises me how??? Yes, it is, has been and continues to be a culture war. I refuse to quit until I’m no longer here, the ‘progressives’ and those of that stripe give me reason to continue to live and continue to fight. Let kids have a childhood, let them live as kids – I did and I’m happier every day that I grew up when and where I grew up. Too bad I couldn’t supply it all to my kids, but I did keep them from teachers and a school system like this one.

  4. wayne martin says:

    My mother used to say:

    “if you don’t have anything good to say,
    maybe it’s best to say nothing at all.”

    Not sure I’m 100% in agreement, but her advice seems to work well at times like these.