Schools bag purses

School officials are banning purses from classrooms, reports USA Today, to prevent students from hiding weapons or drugs.

Their security concerns have grown as purses have. Some bulky purses are the size of backpacks, which many schools restrict.

Students are allowed to carry small pencil bags to class.

Next, they’ll have to ban pockets.

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  1. Frank Zavisca says:

    Not much effect here.

    Many undesireable objects can be hidden under loose fitting clothes, and under dresses (suicide bomb belts, guns, etc..).

    More important may be cell phones to cheat with by text messaging.

    Solution? Failure of grade for getting csught cheating.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Oh, God no! Not my Gucci!

    Happy Hannukah [sic] JJ.