School stinks for nasal learners

Not surprisingly, The Onion is the first to break the story of nasal learners, who are demanding odor-based curricula.

“My 15-year-old daughter Chloe couldn’t sustain her interest in academics and, as a result, she would goof off with her friends and get in trouble,” said Michael Sweeney of Oswego, NY. “Now I realize that all those Ds and Fs did not represent any failure on my daughter’s part, but rather her school’s failure to provide an appropriate nasal-based curriculum.”

Signs of a nasal learner include difficulty concentrating, dislike of homework and low grades in math, reading and science.

(Brown NOSE researcher Reyna) Panos said nasal learners do best when they are encouraged to use odor-based recall techniques in testing situations, and are allowed to organize and prioritize items by scent. The biggest challenge now, she said, is to “educate the educators.”

By next school year, scratch-and-sniff textbooks will be on the market.

Is this for real? No. But it’s hard to tell.

Via The Instructivist.

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  1. The Onion isn’t far off.

    The Institute for Learning Styles Research has an entry on Olfactory Modality – The Olfactory Learner.

    I do think smells can trigger memories in most people. But it doesn’t deserve to be elevated to the status of a learning style that only applies to some.