Lower-caste college grads

Graduates from India’s best universities are competitive with America’s best. But many Indian colleges churn out graduates without job prospects, writes the New York Tmes.

The job market for Indian college graduates is split sharply in two. With a robust handshake, a placeless accent and a confident walk, you can get a $300-a-month job with Citibank or Microsoft. With a limp handshake and a thick accent, you might peddle credit cards door to door for $2 a day.

Via New Economist.

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  1. wayne martin says:

    > The contradiction is explained, experts say, by the
    > poor quality of undergraduate education. India’s
    > thousands of colleges are swallowing millions of
    > new students every year, only to turn out degree
    > holders whom no one wants to hire.

    This issue of providing a quality education seems to plague the Education Industry worldwide. Recent discussions about graduation rates being unacceptably low here in the US seems to have a counterpart, although slightly different, in India—higher graduation rates with lower quality product.

    > Between lectures there, dozens of students swarmed around
    > a reporter to complain about their education.

    > “What the market wants and what the school provides are totally
    > different,” a commerce student, Sohail Kutchi, said

    And how many of the professoriate have actually worked in the real world, one might reasonably ask?