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I’m back from my North Carolina trip. I’d like to thank the gracious people at the John Locke Foundation for hosting a lunch for my charter school book, Our School. Thanks also to the Duke Conservative Union for hosting me on campus. Meredith Newmark, the secretary, is the daughter of bloggers Betsy (Betsy’s Page) and Craig (Newmark’s Door) Newmark and sister of blogger Katie Newmark (Constrained Vision.)

I’ve still got 10 extra copies of Our School, which I will sign and ship for $22. E-mail me at joanne at joannejacobs dot com. You can get an unsigned copy from Amazon for $17.22.

It makes a lovely (and cheap) Christmas or Hanukkah gift.

I’ve also re-retired from the San Jose Mercury News after three months of editorial writing. This time I remembered to take the cardigan sweater that I left at the office when I retired the first time in January, 2001.

Next week, I’ll be guest-blogging on Volokh Conspiracy, but I’ll be blogging here too. And working on all those freelance projects I put off while working at the Merc and traveling.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    You must, now, do a column for the Palo Alto Daily, or if not then the Weakly. [not sic]

  2. Andrew H. says:

    Thanks for coming to Duke. Unfortunately I had to leave before the end, but it certainly helped to have an hour earlier start time.


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