Tango has two daddies

Everybody likes penguins — unless they’re a gay couple raising an adopted baby. That proved to be too much for parents in a small town in downstate Illinois who asked the elementary school to put the book in the “mature readers” section or require parental permission to check it out.

. . . “And Tango Makes Three,” the illustrated children’s book based on a true story of two male penguins in New York City’s Central Park Zoo that adopted a fertilized egg and raised the chick as their own.

The penguins are described as “different.” A zookeeper says they’re “in love.”

Parents complained about the “homosexual undertones,” and asked that the book be reserved for mature readers. The superintendent says the book is suitable for children ages 4 through 8 and will remain on the shelves.

I have a feeling little kids won’t think of the penguins as gay unless someone points it out to them.

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  1. Half Canadian says:

    The book does have a pro-gay message, and I can understand why parents would want this book placed elsewhere.
    Now, if they went and finished the story (where Silo leaves Roy for a young female penguin), the gay community would be up in arms.