Learning via Slime-o-Rama

Sick children can learn about their disease and envision themselves fighting back by playing interactive video games, such as Sickle-Cell Slime-o-Rama, reports USA Today.

Ben’s Game “allows kids to destroy mutated cancer cells to help visualize beating their diseases.”

Mystery of the Rash Outbreak, based on the 2001 animated movie Osmosis Jones, takes players inside the human body in the role of a white blood cell detective on a mission to stop an infectious rash.

Starbright Starlight Children’s Foundation offers a number of games based on children’s diseases.

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  1. I’m on the wait-list for Down the Ulcerative Colitis Rabbit Hole. More popular than the Cabbage Patch dolls of long ago.

  2. Indigo Warrior says:

    The warm smell of Colitis rises up through the air.