In the library

RedKudu took her students to the school library that her mother had created.

So I’m sprawled on the floor, then leaping up to the top shelves and fluttering all around, and the kids are puffing to keep up with me, and I’m piling books into their arms, and I remember how my mother took me to the library every weekend – sprawled on the floor, then leapt to the top shelves, fluttered all around, piled books in my arms.

“You like that one? Try this author. You like that subject/genre? Try this one.”

. . . At some point I looked up and realized I was more like my mother than I’d realized. Because I was there amidst the stacks, not behind the check-out desk. Because I was doing dramatic readings of first lines in a hushed voice to get them interested. Because I wanted to find them the perfect book. Because I liked in them what she liked in me – that they wanted to read. I wanted to give them the things she gave me.

Inger Boye was the children’s librarian at the public library in Highland Park, Illinois from 1935 through 1964. When my sister and I walked in, she’d lead us to the books she knew we liked. She did it for thousands of kids over the years. They’ve named a room at the library after her.

The Carnival of Homeschooling has a library theme this week. Spunky HomeSchool is the host.

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