Health Doodles

The Snackwise Club advises students in Yonkers public schools to choose Cheese Doodles as a “better choice” over an ice cream bar, which is a “good choice.” YooHoo and Hawaiian Punch also make the recommended list, reports The Consumerist, who apparently has a thing for fruits (not fruit roll-ups) and vegetables.

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  1. Okay, I give up: What makes “Cheese Doodles” a “Better Choice” than “Cheese Doodles, Crunchy”?

    And I find it fascinating that chocolate (i.e., “candy”) is a bold-italic no-no, but a chocolate chip cookie is not only okay, but a “Better Choice.”

    P.S. A cookie for ten cents? Not a bad deal; certainly a “Better Choice” (financially) than the Girl Scouts!