Dems in charge

House Democrats have promised to lower college costs, notes Education Week. Don’t expect big changes on No Child Left Behind. Co-sponsor George Miller, who’ll chair the education committee, helped write NCLB and has been a stand-up guy for standards and accountability.

In several states, voters rejected more funding for K-12 schools though preschool measures fared better.

Michigan voters banned government use of racial preferences, despite adamant opposition from government and university leaders. Discriminations has a round-up of reaction.

Newly elected Democratic governors and state legislators could push for more K-12 spending, expanded preschool programs and attempts to lower college costs.

Eduwonk looks at the federal and state implications.

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  1. Foobarista says:

    One wonders how they’ll lower college costs? The best way to do this would be to reduce financial aid and force colleges to clean up their act internally, but this is unlikely to be what they have in mind…

  2. Once again, the left-wingers can’t get costs and prices figured. Of course they can’t do much about the cost of college since their own increasing financial aid offering have been distorting the pricing of college for decades. Foobarista is right, the only way for them to cut the cost of college is to give people less of other people’s money to spend on it.

    What will happen instead is the left will hand out more of other people’s money making the cost of college even higher while temporarily lowering the price for some. Yeah, that’s some solution.