A passion for acceptance

Well-rounded is out for college applicants this year, says the Washington Post. Tired of so many kids who’ve done soccer and piano and karate and robotics, admissions officers say they’re looking for students with “a passion” for one thing, maybe two.

In a few years, they’ll get sick of one-note Charlies and go back to well-rounded as the goal. It’s just a plot to drive students crazy. I think the truth is that you never know what the admissions person reading your application wants so you might as well be yourself and hope for the best.

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  1. Are admissions officers really well-suited to evaluating “passion”? It doesn’t seem like a career that the passionate personality would typically pursue…

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Why not find the charactoristics of those who graduate in 4 years in the upper half, and troll for those?
    The public interest is in productive winners, not good ditchdiggers gone bad.

  3. Robert Wright says:

    Walter, I think they do.

    But the whole college admissions thing turns my stomach.

    If somebody doesn’t get into the college of his choice, big deal.

    Mostly, it’s just a question of status.

    An education at San Jose State can be just as good as one at Stanford.