Joe Miller’s Cross X tells the story of a debate team at an inner-city Kansas City high school that ended up ranked #10 in the country. Publisher’s Weekly writes:

Miller, a local reporter, spends most of his time with two teams of debaters: underclassmen Ebony and Antoine, who are still learning the ropes, and seniors Marcus and Brandon, working their way toward a national championship in Atlanta. . . . Convinced by the energetic competitions that debate is “the best education-reform tool I’ve ever seen,” he attacks the bureaucratic red tape of a “dysfunctional” school system that forces the students to break the rules in order to travel to out-of-state events.

Joe Williams of Chalkboard recommends the book, which is a good enough for me. I’ve ordered a copy.

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  1. To bad Federal Judge Russell Clark didn’t get a chance to read this book. It looks like Joe Miller could teach the judge a thing or two about making education happen as opposed to stroking your own ego.