Tag is too dangerous

First they banned dodgeball. Now a Boston area elementary school has banned tag, touch football and “any other unsupervised chasing games over concerns about the risk of injury and liability for the school,” reports the Boston Globe. Someone might get hurt.

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  1. A ban may be silly, but who (in a position of responsibility) really has the courage to say

    “While we acknowledge that there is a small but real risk of crippling injury, we consider the benefits gained from playing tag to be worth the very small possibility of permanent injury.”

    “One child’s life must be weighed against the gains made by the many.”

    (I’m assuming that there’s probably one or two serious, permanent injuries each year from kids playing tag due to kids running into each other at high speeds, or running into traffic, or falling and hitting their head, etc.)

  2. It occurs to me that the same idiots who want tag banned and playgrounds neutered are also the ones who complain about kids being overweight. What do they expect kids to do(other than watch TV) after they’ve eliminated every activity with even a slight possibility of injury?