Private schooling for less

Arizona’s private schools spend one third less money than public schools, concludes a Goldwater Institute survey by Andrew Coulson. Private teachers make about 60 percent of the pay of public teachers. At private schools, 72 percent of the staff are teachers; in the public sector less than half of school employees are teachers.

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  1. A private service provider that’s more effective and efficient then its government counterpart? Alert the media.

  2. Wayne Martin says:

    The thing to look for in the school budgets is the teacher-to-student and the non-teacher-to-student ratios. There are a surprising number of non-teachers that often end up on the payroll, driving up the cost of education delivery without actually really being involved in the delivery of education.

    In my school district there are a surprising number of “classifieds”, many of whom don’t actually work very many hours a week, but none-the-less draw salary. Given enough of them, the labor costs are driven up by noticeably. This is money that could be spent on infrastructure, or technology.