Pre-K flop

Florida spends $400 million annually on universal pre-kindergarten programs that offer no educational benefits and are no better than child-care centers, critics say. Parents are happy, though. They don’t have to pay for care.

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  1. mike from oregon says:

    And this surpises us how??? Oh yeah, it doesn’t. However the final statement “They don’t have to pay for care.” isn’t true, all they have to do is look at where the state slipped in a fee, tax or user-fee to see where the child care is getting it’s money from – no such thing as a free lunch.

  2. Yes but a smaller group, parents with daycare-aged children, is sticking a larger group with the bulk of the expense, i.e. a bargain. Who can resist a bargain?

  3. Ah yes, another brilliant product of the wonderful, endlessly amendable Florida Constitution.