Moms protest gay-is-OK message

Black mothers in Minneapolis are protesting a diversity curriculum that includes books on “diverse” families.

(Gena) Bounds’ 7-year-old daughter, Darriell, explained the situation to her mother. “She told me that her teacher had read the class a book about a girl with two moms,” says Bounds. “Then he told them that he’s gay and that he and his partner are adopting a child, and the child will have two dads. Now Darriell thinks the school is telling her she needs to believe that two daddies or two mommies is the same thing as a mom and a dad.”

Bounds doesn’t mind that the teacher is gay. But she wants to be the one discussing family matters with her children, when she thinks they’re old enough.

“Families All Matter” suggests that children should learn about homosexuality at an early age. For kindergartners, there’s a book called “Daddy’s Roommate.” For first-graders, there’s “King and King,” in which a prince unsuccessfully searches the world for a princess. After he experiences “love at first sight” for another prince, they marry and live “happily ever after.”

. . . “Families All Matter” is supposed to teach tolerance. In fact, says Bounds, her daughter has learned that people who believe that a mother and father are best for a family are discriminatory.

School Me links to a satirical prediction of the top school library books of 2016, topped by Heather Has Two Mommies, Five Daddies, and Eight Partners.

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  1. Of course, given current heterosexual divorce rates and the prevalence of step-parents, “just roommates” and “babydaddies,” the “Heather” snipe is particularly dumb.

  2. At least there aren’t any tedious explanations about why the “Heather” snipe is particularly dumb or why it ought to be considered dumb at all.

    The prepended “Of course” implies a degree of obviousness which only someone who was particularly dumb themselves would miss, helping to preclude the necessity of supplying tedious explanations. What’s next Kip? TV anchorman? Editor at the New York Times? Speech writer for Bill Clinton?

  3. Indigo Warrior says:

    The issue here is not if gay is good, bad, or indifferent. It’s how public schools address the matter. I am a solid believer in gay rights, but also parental rights, and because of this, a vanilla public school has limited rights to bring up sexuality at all.

    Too often, a “diversity curriculum” means leftoid political correctness. “Tolerance” usually means deification of gays (and lesbians even more) at the expense of hetero couples.

    There exists a great opportunity for a private or charter school based on PC values. So far, I see no such schools (even though there are actual gay schools intended for gay students). The PC moguls would prefer to indoctrinate “normal” kiddies and punish them for being as they are. Preaching to the choir stops being fun after a while.

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Heather has Two Mommies but that’s O.K. unless one is a republican.

  5. mike from oregon says:

    About flipping time – I’m so sick of PC. Look, gays are no more or less human than anyone else but like I said they are NO MORE human. It’s no more right (correct) to TEACH children ‘about’ them then it is to TEACH them about beastiality. I’m not equating the two but I don’t think a school has a right or duty to teach either one, especially not at early ages. I’ll teach my kids family values, I don’t need a teacher telling them that the two types of families (gay versus straight) are the same, they aren’t.

  6. Walter E. Wallis says:

    There needs to be a diference recognized between tolerance, acceptance, approval and advocacy.