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  1. I have just discovered that I do not exist.
    Neither do my parents or siblings, or all
    the relatives I once thought I had.

    This is all an illusion.

  2. My husband and his parents and brother don’t exist either.

  3. My wife and most of my family seem not to exist either. Maybe I don’t really have a wife and son…..

  4. Hmmm. There are seven of me.

  5. No one in the U.S. has my name. No one knows the pain I feel!

  6. Walter E. Wallis says:

    how can they assert no boys names Sue? Gender not input.
    My sympathy on your losses.

  7. Alex Bensky says:

    Nice idea but it doesn’t work. They claim that no one in the US has my last name and I know a bunch who do.

  8. John from OK says:

    There are fifty of us, 51 if you include “John from PR”.

  9. Also no Arlo Guthrie, and none of two long-lost friends who, when I searched for them online I encountered others with that name (three if you include geneological postings). I suspect, based on the number I’ve encountered, that their count for my true name is low.

    All they did was take the [large number] most common first and last names from the census, build a database, and then run a simple algorithm on the count from each. No allowance made for cultural influences or pass-downs in largh families. Having met two Hugh McHughs, I’ll bet the estimate of 5 is low there too.

  10. It’s a probabalistic routine, not a data base search. Nothing wrong with that. It’s amusing to search unlikely combinations like Mohammad Bernstein (3) and Joshua Aziz (1).

  11. Benjamin Hussein (3). Robin Banks (173).

  12. Leslie Moore (1,100).