Education secretary in jeopardy

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings studied for her appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy, reports Washington Whispers.

I was a little worried about pop culture categories like TV and movies,” she confides to Whispers. “Fortunately, I had two teenage daughters helping me do my homework-a nice change for them!” Good thing: In her taping this month for the show being broadcast in November, Elton John was one of the categories.

The bar is high when you’re education chief, notes Eduwonk. Apparently Spellings did well enough to make some money for her designated literacy charity. The show will be aired in November.

Years ago, one of my Mercury News colleagues competed on Jeopardy. She kept winning and made it to a championship competition. I saw some tapes of the shows. I was blown away at how much she could recall under pressure. She was the rock music critic but she was strong on a wide range of topics. I asked her for her secret. “I read a lot,” she said.

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  1. “Education secretary in jeopardy” Har!

    That’s the way to write a headline that’ll pull ’em in. I imagine a couple of folks choked on their coffee reading it and ended up feeling like saps for being led on.