Deerfield in Jordan

Jordan’s King Abdullah II is recreating his American prep school, Deerfield Academy, in his home country. He’s even hired Deerfield’s retired headmaster to run the new co-ed boarding school.

Students will also be required to embark on a year-long course in Middle East history and Koranic studies will be offered as part of the curriculum.

But instead of a mosque on campus, there is a spiritual centre and in a resolution to the difficult question over whether girls should wear a scarf to cover their hair, the school uniform will include a mandatory scarf that girls can either wear on the head or around the neck.

The language of instruction will be English and students will be recruited from throughout the region, including Israel.

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  1. Indigo Warrior says:

    I’m no expert on Deerfield, but it sounds like a genuinely liberal college (in the older, truer sense of the word.) I praise King Abdullah for trying to bring true diversity to Jordan – as opposed to the diversity-in-name-only that PCers are forcing upon America.

    Abdullah is taking pains to exclude militant Islam from Deerfield II, to keep it diverse. Leftoids are pushing militant Islam into colleges here.