Beat the ‘Bully’

Rockstar Games’ new PlayStation 2 video game, Bully, isn’t the violent bad boy that was expected, reports the Washington Post.

It follows a year in the life of a young toughie named Jimmy Hopkins, who gets dropped off at a boarding school as Mom leaves for her fifth honeymoon. Jimmy finds jocks and preppies at Bullworth Academy, of course, and soon meets bullies predictably picking on nerds. . . . The game, rated T for ages 13 and older, is about climbing — and navigating — the social ladder at school. When a chubby kid with owl glasses nicknamed Pee Stein gets hassled, Jimmy can either leave Pee alone or get in a scuffle to save him. And guess what Jimmy does?

. . . In “Bully,” Jimmy relies on such classic moves as giving wedgies, firing a slingshot and dunking someone’s head in the toilet. He can slug someone with a baseball bat, but it breaks after a few swings.

The lead producer says the game is inspired by his memories of defending a seventh-grade friend in a wheelchair from the school bully.

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  1. Indigo Warrior says:

    If anything, this game is a statement against bullying. I can’t see why all these peaceniks are so upset.