Arguing for racial assignments

Here and here, Discriminations’ John Rosenberg analyzes arguments in the upcoming Supreme Court case on whether Seattle can decide school transfers based on race.

School integration improves black students’ achievement, according to an amicus brief filed in the case. But the evidence is slim, writes Stuart Buck.

The brief, signed by some 550 social scientists, claims desegregation research shows a modest impact on reading achievement, no effect on math scores. Buck cites studies finding benefits are insignificant or nonexistent.

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  1. There are numerous examples of Black parents and educators seeking to have racially segregated schools. Here in So Cal, there are charter schools designed around Hispanic only models.

    Does it make a difference when it is the “minorities” that are attempting to segregate themselves?

  2. That question was answered twenty-five years ago when black sororities and fraternities, black-only student housing and other racially exclusive accommodations were made to suit the heirs of integration, the new segregationists.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Has anyone compared the grades of Blacks before and after desegration?