Against the odds

Charter Schools Against the Odds, edited by Paul Hill of the University of Washington, is available online at the Koret Task Force site. “A profoundly hostile regulatory environment” makes it hard for charter schools to reach their full potential, Hill writes.

The three greatest barriers to charter school development are poorly crafted charter laws, inequitable funding, and the failure of many authorizers — school districts and other government agencies that approve charter applications and oversee schools — to take their responsibilities seriously.

I met Hill yesterday at the authors event at the National Association of Charter School Authorizers conference. He was promoting Charter Schools Against the Odds, I was pushing Our School and Steven Wilson, a veteran of early ventures into school management, was talking about Learning on the Job: When Business Takes on Public Schools. Diane Ravitch, author of author of Left Back: A Century of Battles Over School Reform, gave Wilson’s book a great plug:

Learning on the Job is a fair-minded, thoughtful, and deeply informed analysis of private education management organizations, which are assuming an increasingly important role in American public education. Steven Wilson has emerged from the trenches to give a balanced and perceptive critique of their promise–and their problems too.

Tomorrow I’m speaking on leadership in charter schools at the League of Colorado Charters conference in Denver. And trying to sell some copies of Our School, of course.

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