21st century Girl Scouts

To stay relevant and keep girls beyond elementary school, the Girl Scouts are taking up issues like cyberbullying, creating an Eagle Scout equivalent that should impress college admissions officers and reaching out to Latinas.

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  1. The Girls Scouts have a rather tragic history of “re-inventing” themselves. In their previous effort to be more “relevant”, they renamed and recast their program for girls 14-17. Instead of being Senior Girl Scouts, the program was called STUDIO 2B. As I can see, the new program raised two responses among teenage girls:
    1) Among girls who were not in Girl Scouts (the target market for STUDIO 2B), the response was “What’s this STUDIO 2B stuff?”; when they finally figured out that it’s Girl Scouts, their response was then “GIRL SCOUTS! That is soooo lame!” This is exactly what the response to Girl Scouts would have been among these girls before Studio 2b; there was just an additional “what the heck is it?” step involved.
    2) Among girls who were already Girl Scouts, the response was “I wanted to be a Senior Girl Scout—not this STUDIO 2B crap!”

    At the last National Convention of the Girls Scouts, reports back to my daughter’s troop said that ALL of the girls BOOED LOUDLY everytime the words “STUDIO 2B” were uttered, and they do seem to have backed off the whole concept. You know, you would think that in their “focus groups” before they started STUDIO 2B, they might have thought to ask some current Girl Scouts what they thought of the concept, but the idea apparently never occurred to them.

    On top of that, the Girl Scouts ALREADY HAVE an award equivalent to Eagle Scout: it’s called the Gold Award, and it may be even harder to earn than Eagle Scout. For example, the Eagle Scout service project requires 100 service hours from all participants, and Eagle projects typically involve a lot of younger Scouts as well; but the Gold Award service project requires 85 service hours by the girl herself–not counting the many hours typically put in by others involved in the project. I will reserve judgement, but I sort of expect to see the Girl Scouts further marginalizing themselves and driving away their core constituancy who are Girl Scouts because the program is right for them. [end rant]