Women’s choice

What if they gave a Mommy War and nobody came? Reviewing books by Caitlin Flanagan and Carrie Lukas on Reason Online, Shannon Chamberlain comes out for the principle that women can decide to work for pay or be stay-at-home moms without help from theorists.

Although they start at different points, the Flanagans and Lukases, leftist and rightist critics of women’s choices, arrive at the same place for the same reason: a refusal to see women as autonomous beings, capable of weighing alternatives and arriving at conclusions based on information about individual circumstances that the commanders of the Mommy Wars simply can’t possess, no matter how many polls they conduct.

Women who choose to work as nannies and house cleaners are making choices too, Chamberlain points out.

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  1. The oft-forgotten rest of the Kurt Weil quote you reference is “Why then, the war will come to you.”

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    As with many causes, people support your right to agree with them.