Time to learn

Schools are increasing class time — through a longer school day or year or both — to give students more time to learn the basics without cutting art, music, PE and other electives.

Massachusetts is paying for longer days at 10 schools this year. Minnesota is considering whether to add five weeks to the school calendar.

. . . “A Nation at Risk,” the landmark 1983 report dissecting America’s education challenges, recommended that schools run seven hours (up from about six today) and 200 to 220 days (up from a current average of 180) to accommodate more rigorous instruction. KIPP charter schools, started in 1994, rely on longer days and Saturday school to teach students.

No Child Left Behind, which has spurred schools to beef up reading, writing and math instruction is behind the current push to increase class time, the story says. I’ll bet those high KIPP scores have something to do with it too.

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  1. Wayne Martin says:

    Yr.2004 CA API Scores:
    Proficiency: 800

    KIPP Schools — API

    Oak College Preparatory: 714
    Los Angeles College Preparatory: 751
    Accademy of Opportunity: 643
    Sol Aureus College Preparatory: 643
    Adelante Preparatory Academy: 629
    San Francisco Bay Academy: 641
    Bayview Academy: 648

    7822 Schools Reporting in this Dataset.
    KIPP Charter Schools Fighting California’s Middle-Grade Blues:

  2. Indigo Warrior says:

    How about making better use of the time allotted?