Pitching the VC in sixth grade

At a Silicon Valley magnet school, gifted students take a two-week course, Capitalism 101. Lance Izumi of Pacific Research writes:

In Bizworld, the brainchild of successful investment wiz Tim Draper, sixth graders work in teams to start and run their own businesses producing friendship bracelets made from colored string. The students assume different roles, such as CEO, CFO, and marketing head. Team representatives pitch their products to a venture capitalist who decides how much financial backing to give the team in exchange for shares in their company. Using these funds, students then pay labor, material and assorted other costs to produce and sell the bracelets.

BizWorld is designed to meet math standards; in addition, students write memos on topics such as intellectual property rights.

The Redwood City school is near Sand Hill Road, the venture capital center of the valley. I bet some of the parents are VC.

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  1. Doug Sundseth says:

    “I bet some of the parents are VC.”

    Well, I understand there are quite a few Vietnamese immigrants in the US, so it wouldn’t surprise me if …. Wait! I bet you mean the other kind of VC.

    Never mind.

  2. Wayne Martin says:

    There is a world of difference between being “VC” and being “a VC”.

  3. I’d like to point out that The Girls’ Middle School has had a year-long entrepreneurial program since the 1999-2000 school year.

    It is not clear to me that a two-week program is as memorable to kids.

    LifeMoxie also has similar programs:


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