Out of tune

On Winds of Change, Cicero broods about the message of his two-year-old daughter’s favorite Sesame Street song, We All Sing with the Same Voice.

My hair is black and red
My hair is yellow
My eyes are brown and green and blue
My name is Jack and Fred
My name’s Amanda Sue
I’m called Kareem Abdul
My name is you
I live in southern France
I’m from a Texas ranch
I come from Mecca and Peru
I live across the street
In the mountains, on a beach
I come from everywhere
And my name is you
We all sing with the same voice
The same song, the same voice
We all sing with the same voice
And we sing in harmony

Cicero thinks it makes sense to “makes sense to propose to young children that on some level, all of us humans are the same.” But we’re not all the same in our values. Some people in the world don’t want a Coke.

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  1. Nels Nelson says:

    Instead of seething silently on the couch, and then banging out a lengthy blog post, why doesn’t the guy just turn off the television, rewrite whatever lyrics offend him, and sing this new song with his daughter?

  2. Why should he have to compete with the school at all? Based on the hew and cry over NCLB, it’s well nigh impossible to teach kids to read but some fraction of those ever-so-precious school resources are being diverted to teach kids ethics?

    Hell, it’s not even instruction in ethics so much as it’s a rationale to avoid confronting, appreciating and making decisions about other cultures.

    It’d be nice if a bit of time could be taken out of the busy, busybody schedule of the school to attend to their purpose for existence.

  3. Indigo Warrior says:

    I see the world evolving into one diverse with respect to skin color only – where everyone wears the same clothes, sings the same songs, reads the same (PC) newspapers, and thinks the same (PC) thoughts.