No, not for u

Teenage girls are wearing T-shirts with suggestive slogans to school, reports the Washington Post. Wimpy parents can’t say “no.”

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  1. Alex Bensky says:

    It’s not always taht the parent is a wimp. Some years ago I taught in a junior high on the west side of Los Angeles, a nice, middle-class area.

    One day a ninth grader showed up in a t-shirt that depicted a frog on a toilet seat and the caption, “I’m So Happy I Could Just Shit.” I said the first thing that popped into my mind: “Does your mother know you wore that to school today.”

    The girl poked her chin at me and said, “My mother bought it for me.” I had been tangling with with this kid all semester and I figured she wasn’t going to put this one past me so on my free period I called the mother and reported what the girl had on.

    “Yes,” said the mother. “I bought it for her on my trip.” “Do you think it’s appropriate for school?” I asked. “Yes,” said the mother. “What’s the problem” It’s just school.”

  2. Wayne Martin says:

    In the ’50s when I was in grade school, we would never have worn a T-shirt to school, much less anything as vulgar as this. Amazing how our society has become so coarsened in only 40 years.

  3. Two simple solutions:

    1. Ban shirts with words on them. Some school districts have gone to this. True, it’s too bad that when the Red Socks or whoever win the pennant, your child can’t wear a shirt cheering the team at school, but you know – some people violate the social contract and everyone suffers.

    2. Maybe simpler: give the teachers* a bunch of really ugly, large, old plaid long sleeved shirts. The PTA could do a Goodwill run or something to obtain them. Kid shows up in inappropriate shirt – kid has to put on (and button up to cover inappropriateness) ugly plaid shirt. (This would also work for bared midriffs or too-low tops on girls.)

    (*or the principal, and just send kids with questionable shirts to the office for evaluation/reshirting)

    It stinks that the teachers/principals have to police this, but if the parents (as the mom of the notorious frog shirt proves) aren’t going to be grown-ups, then the teachers and principals have to.

  4. Indigo Warrior says:

    Just as long as the teachers and principals do the policing fairly. For example, references to the male and female organs must be treated the same way; swastikas and hammer-sickles, ditto; crosses, stars-of-David, crescents, and pentagrams, ditto.

  5. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Has human nature changed since my distant youth? Or are the kids still laughing at how easy it is to get a rise out of the adults?

  6. I teach at a school where the “worded” shirts are not allowed, and for this very reason. What is allowed: any school spirit wear, any shirt promoting a college or university, anything promoting the military, or anything promoting America. Small emblems such as Polo or Izod logos that can be covered with the hand are allowed, but all else is a no-no. When I first heard of the rule, I thought it was dumb, but after hearing the reasoning behind it, I see its validity. Our school has made it work.

    PS – I’ve always supported the ugly clothes idea of punishment for dress code offenders! They’ll never do it again! 🙂