High demand for high-fat food

Unwilling to eat their school’s revamped health menu, two Yorkshire teen-agers begged their mother for the unhealthy food they like. Now four mothers are selling (at cost) 50 to 60 meals a day, passed through the school fence, to students at Rawmarsh Comprehensive School.

The parents claim they are taking action because pupils are turning up their noses at what they describe as “overpriced, low-fat rubbish”.

Four of them are using a supermarket trolley to make daily runs with fish and chips, pies, burgers, sandwiches and fizzy drinks from local takeaways.

There are markets in everything, says New Economist.

In New York City, a new British International School will feature traditional British food favorites on the school lunch menu, notes D-Ed Reckoning, who thinks that’s taking authenticity too far.

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  1. Mmmm! Kidney pie! Tastes and smells just the way you’d expect.

  2. This bothers me for another reason. Who gets to decide what is healthy or not. I have many food allergies and alot of the so-called healthly stuff is very dangerous for me. In avoiding my many food allergies while living in the modern world, I have a very strange diet that I am sure food snobs would not approve of, but I am getting my health and life back in order because of being less than ideal with my diet. I knew I had problems with food as a kid, but it is only as an adult that I have figured out my allergies. My main one is an allergy to soy protein which is stuck in alot of so-called healthy stuff. (Ironically I am not allergic to denatured soy which means I can have soy sauce.) I had very gung-ho health nuts for parents, but atleast they did not force me to be entirely healthy which I am very thankful for. Alot of kids don’t realize that they are suffering from food allergies, especially if “mild”. Allergic reactions can accumulate over years. Kids might only feel bad afterwards, but some adult will be there insisting that it is good for them and force them to eat it anyway. I can just imagine all the suffering I would be having with my allergies by being forced to follow someone else’s idea of the perfect diet.