From Oregon to Afghanistan

The Oregonian passes on email from a middle-school teacher named Tim Smart who’s spending a year in Afghanistan as a major in the Army National Guard. He’s working to get Afghan soldiers to interact with the community in a city that was one of the last in the north to drive out the Taliban. Not surprisingly, he’s keeping an eye on the schools.

School growth: Five years ago, Kunduz had 15 schools. Today, it has 134. All told, the Kunduz province has about 250 schools, including 143 under trees, in tents, outdoors. A teacher salary ranges from roughly $42 a month for a high school graduate to $55 a month for a teacher with formal training. Some schools have 120 students in one classroom. School needs: Each building is supplied with about 10 percent of the necessary supplies, teachers, and furniture, primarily rugs and desks. Schools need pens, paper tablets, chalk, chalk boards, white board and markers, highlighters, stuffed animals, maps, globes, teacher supplies, grade books, staff notebooks, and grant money for sponsoring projects in the community. Ideas under consideration: Renting cabs to transport teachers to and from the schools. Hiring a carpenter to build needed desks. Buying bikes for the teachers and staff — an excellent Chinese bike costs $60 U.S.

Via EIA Intercepts.

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