Dewey’s miracle

A spiritualist puts an education reformer in touch with the late education philosopher John Dewey:

I asked (John Dewey) the question that is most on my mind, ‘Is it possible, really, to fix America’s schools?’ Dewey said, ‘Yes. Yes. There are two ways you can do it. You can do it the miraculous way, or you can do it the natural way.’ And I said, ‘What is the natural way?’ He said, ‘Well, the natural way would be if a band of angels descended from heaven and scattered across the landscape, and went into every school in the land, and waved their hands and fixed the schools.’ I said, ‘My God, what’s the miraculous way?’ And Dewey said, ‘The miraculous way would be if the people did it themselves.’”

Mike Klonsky of Small Talk got the quote from PEN, which was quoting a speech by Ron Wolk, founder of Education Week and Chronicle of Higher Education. Wolk says the story originated with the late Al Shanker, founder of the American Federation of Teachers.

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