Learning English

English fluency is improving rapidly for young Mexican immigrants in San Diego, reports the Union-Tribune, which credits English immersion.

Proposition 227, which California voters passed overwhelmingly in 1998, changed the focus of schools from bilingual education to an English-immersion model. . .

Since 2002, the federal government’s No Child Left Behind Act has required schools to report test scores of English-language learners, and other special-needs children, in their own subgroup rather than lumping them in with the scores of all students. . .

“Every teacher now realizes that we are all responsible for English learners,” said Alma Pirazzini, director of Academic Support Programs for the Sweetwater Union High School District. “Before, it was assumed that bilingual education programs would take care of them.”

While kids are doing better, immigrant adults are less likely to be fluent in English.

Update: This is another reason not to lower standards for students who are learning English.
— JJ

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