Smarter charters

Most New York City charter students are outperforming students in nearby schools, according to a just-released study by the state Education Department. The New York Post reports:

. . . students in 11 of 16 city charter schools outscored kids in nearby public schools on the state’s fourth-grade English and math exams in 2005.

The academic gap widens in the upper grades, the report said, with kids in five of six upper-grade charter schools faring better on eighth-grade English and math exams.

. . . At the Harlem Day Charter School, 100 percent of its fourth-graders passed the English exam and 94 percent passed the standardized math test.

By comparison, an average of 52 percent of students in neighboring schools in Community School District 4 in East Harlem passed the English test and 75.6 percent passed math.

. . . In the upper grades, students at the KIPP Academy Charter in The Bronx are the class of the field – 71.4 percent passed the eighth-grade English exam and 91.6 percent passed the math test.

At nearby IS 162 in the Bronx, just 20.8 percent passed the eighth-grade English exam and 33.2 percent passed the math test. And that was one of the better public middle schools in the area.

New York can’t open more charter schools until the 100-school cap is lifted.

Via This Week in Education.

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