On teachers

From the new Teacher Quality Bulletin:

Another study questions whether national board-certified teachers are better than other teachers.

Grand Rapids teachers can earn a bonus if they keep students from leaving the district, which expects to lose 800 students, about 3 percent of enrollment, next year.

The bonus plan, forged with the help of the local teachers’ union, will make teachers eligible for bonuses of up to 1.75 percent of their salaries, provided that total district enrollment doesn’t continue to trend downwards by more than 100 students next year.

. . . Added to the list of “differential pay,” “performance pay,” and “combat pay,” we can now add “sales pay.”

It’s not tied to individual teachers’ results so I guess that makes it OK with the union.

The American Federation of Teachers’ American Educator looks at why new teachers quit (and why others stay) in the summer issue.

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