NEA funds NCLB critics

The National Education Association campaign against No Child Left Behind has a stealth side, writes Joe Williams on Education Sector.

(The NEA) has launched a high-profile legal and political battle against NCLB. It has also carried out another, less visible campaign against the law, pouring money into organizations that echo the union’s criticisms of NCLB but often leaving the public unaware of the organizations’ financial ties to the union.

. . . Says a prominent professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College, who didn’t wish to have his name printed because he maintains a working relationship with the union: “The [NEA] has a lot of money for research, but it wants the conclusions to match its agenda.”

The teachers’ union has given at least $8.1 million to NCLB opponents, Williams writes. It’s not illegal but it’s not being publicized either.

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  1. Evidently the tsunami of public opposition to the NCLB needs a bit of priming.