More than 1.6 million served

Four years ago today, I put Sitemeter on the blog to track visits and page views. In that time, I’ve logged 1,615,840 visits and more than 2.2 million page views. Not bad for a one-woman specialty blog.

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  1. Joanne: That’s very impressive. Keep up the great work.

    Andrew Pass

  2. Yes, very impressive. And the five of us who’ve been visiting your site every five minutes for the last four years are very tired now.

  3. Congratulations.

    They say the first million visits are the hardest to get.

    Good luck.

  4. Robert Wright says:

    Yeah, I don’t want to blow your bubble, but I must have clicked your page 1,500,000 times.

  5. Which reminds me, I’d like to go back in the archives and pull out all of those vituperative love-it-or-leave-it comments that spewed forth when I doubted the existence of the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    So why does this remind me of that? I’m not sure. Maybe I just feel the need to say, “I told you so, you s______ right-wing s_____.”

    Not one person sent me an email saying, “Don’t go to Canada! We were wrong! Stay here! If anybody should leave the country, it’s we who had a stubborn blind faith in a government that lies!”

    Not one.