Homies online

Street gangs are going online to boast and threaten, reports AP.

Crips, Bloods, MS-13, 18th Street and others have staked claims on various corners of cyberspace. “Web bangers” are posting potentially incriminating photos of members holding guns, messages taunting other gangs and boasts of illegal exploits on personal Web sites and social networking sites.

Police investigators appreciate the help.

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  1. Sigivald says:

    Of course, it’s difficult to prosecute based on a picture of a gun, unless the person in question has a criminal record such that they aren’t allowed to handle one (while under-18s are, IIRC, not allowed to own pistols, they’re not, to my knowledge, prevented from touching or holding them); and in many states a 16 year old can legally own a rifle, though not purchase one themselves.

    This is especially true due to the proliferation of realistic fakes that fire mostly-harmless 6mm plastic balls. (For instance, here you can get a full-size very realistic looking AK-47 for $30.

    I’m uncertain that with the muzzle-tip painted black and chrome that one could tell the difference reliably in a low-resolution digital picture. It’s pretty realistic looking on the website, and I say this as someone who’s owned an AK variant.)